About This Documentation

Symbols and Conventions

The following symbols and highlighting are used in this documentation:


Indicates a hazardous area or an immediately dangerous situation that could lead to serious injury or even death.


Indicates a hazardous area or a potentially dangerous situation that could lead to serious injury or damages.


Indicates hazards or situations that can lead to minor injuries, damages or other negative effects.


Indicates important information that must be observed for safe operation.


Provides helpful tips to make working with the mobile robot easier and more efficient.

  • Lists contain several items of information on the same topic.
  • Where possible and appropriate, they are prioritised, with the most important entry at the top.
  • Lists do not claim to be exhaustive unless otherwise stated.
  1. Instructions are numbered.
  2. Numbered instructions must be followed in the given order.

Further Information

Further information, especially on customised configurations and systems, will be provided with your robot on delivery or on request. In most cases, all documents relating to your customised robot are also available in the download area of our website.