Scope of ApplicationΒΆ

The section General Hardware Information of this documentation applies in principle to all autonomous mobile robots and all mobile manipulators, but in specific parts only to the components actually present. Some chapters, for example Connectors and Qualified Personnel, are also relevant for the operation of Neobotix robot components.

The Mobile Platforms section contains basic information on autonomous mobile robots from Neobotix, organised into the various robot models. Reference is made to sections of the general hardware documentation at the appropriate points.

The Mobile Manipulators section contains additional information on complex robot systems with an integrated robot arm. It serves as a supplement to the still valid description of the robot platform used in each case. Both parts must be read and taken into account for the safe operation of a mobile manipulator.

The Robot Components section contains the assembly or operating instructions for the components and devices available separately from Neobotix. In some cases, these are integrated into the mobile robots and manipulators, so that customers of complete robots can also find additional, helpful information here.

We furthermore provide information and instructions on ROS and PlatformPilot, the two robot control softwares supported by Neobotix, both of which are available for all robot models offered.