Mechanical Properties



Dimensions of the MPO-500

Description Symbol Value (mm)
Wheel diameter D 254
Ground clearance G 45
Height of the mounting plane H1 386
Height of the scanner cover H2 409
Overall length of platform L1 988
Length of inner aluminium profiles L2 680
Length of outer aluminium profiles L3 380
Distance from platform centre to wheel axes L4 250
Maximum length to platform centre L5 494
Width of top plate W1 500
Distance from platform centre to outer aluminium profiles W2 219
Distance from platform centre to inner aluminium profiles W3 73
Track width W4 548
Maximum width W5 662
Size of aluminium profiles P 30

Absolute Maximum Ratings


Exceeding these ratings might cause malfunctions or damage the robot!

Description Units Value
Storage temperature °C -20 .. +50
Operating temperature (environmental temperature) °C +0 .. +25
Payload (equally distributed to aluminium profiles, default version) kg 80
Payload (equally distributed to aluminium profiles, high payload version) kg 250
Maximum speed m/s 0.9
Maximum bumpiness to pass over mm 5
Maximum acceleration m/s² 2.4

Positions of Sensors

All distances are in millimetres, measured relative to the platform’s coordinate system. All angles are in degrees, measured counter-clockwise from the driving direction.


Coordinate system of MPO-500


Positions of the laser scanners

Sensor Symbol X-pos. Y-pos. Z-pos. a-angle b-angle
Front laser scanner LS1 442 0 372 0 0
Rear laser scanner LS2 -442 0 372 0 180

Electrical Properties and Miscellaneous Data

Properties of Internal Components

All data are taken from the respective data sheets.

Description Units Value
Motor power W 300
Rated motor speed rpm 3000
Maximum motor speed rpm 5000
Possible motor speed (at battery voltage) rpm 1800
Rated motor torque Nm 0.95
Maximum motor torque Nm 1.91
Brake torque (static) Nm 1.47
Encoder resolution Increments/Revolution 10000
Gear ratio 1 25:1
Rated battery voltage V 24
Maximum unregulated voltage V 29
Battery capacity Ah 50

Metering Capacities of Sensors

All data are taken from the respective datasheets. Distances are measured in meters, angles are measured in degree.

Sensor Resolution Min.range Max. range Hor. angle Vert. angle
Laser scanner 0.5° 0 30 ±135 0
Ultrasonic sensors ~±0.01 m 0.25 1.5 ±60 ±30

Other Properties

Description Units Value
Weight kg 80
Expected working time a 10


See chapter Connectors.