Additional Parts


An overview of the connectors can be found here.

Configuration Cable

The configuration cable (order no. X201) provides a quick way to bring the USBoard-USS4 into operation. It can also be manufactured by the customer with the connectors described above. In that case please mind the ground connection of the RS-232 interface.


USBoard-USS4 configuration cable (X201)

Sensor Cable Sets

Cable sets to connect the ultrasonic sensors to the USBoard-USS4 can be provided in small quantities for first tests. These cables are available for either connector X2 (order no. X204) or connector X3 (order no. X205). Both versions are 2 m long and shielded.

For your actual application please manufacture the cables according to the individual requirements and specifications.


Cable set for USS4 sensors (X204/X205)

Small quantities of the connectors for the USBoard-USS4 (order no. X202) and for individual ultrasonic sensors (order no. X203) are available directly from Neobotix. Each set contains the connector housings and the matching number of crimp contacts.

In case you do not have the proper tools and also do no want to use a universal crimping tool, please contact Neobotix.


Connector set for USBoard-USS4 (X202)


Connector set for USS4 (X203)

Ultrasonic Sensor USS4

The ultrasonic sensors Bosch ParkPilot USS4 (Bosch part number 0 263 009 525) are available with order number X200.


The bare sensors are called USS (Ultra Sonic Sensor), fourth generation. The fifth sensor generation is supported by our USBoard-USS5.

Bosch offers the URF system for private customers. It consists of eight sensors with a cable set and a small evaluation unit for mounting on the dashboard of cars. This system only uses a few LEDs and an acoustic signal to indicate that you are driving close to an obstacle. It does not offer data output. The URF is available in two versions (Gen. 6 and 7), which only differ in the firmware and both use the USS4.


Ultrasonic sensor Bosch USS4 (X200)

Connector Kits for USS4

The mounting set for USS4, straight (X206) is used to mount the sensor on a front panel.

For an optimum sensor position, the mounting set for USS4, 0°, 5°, 10°, 15° (X207) includes four front rings for different mounting angles.


Mounting kit for USS4, straight (X206)


Mounting kit for USS4, 0°, 5°, 10°, 15° (X207)