Command Set

The following table shows the available commands of the USBoard-USS4.

Command Value Description
CMD_CONNECT 0 Check connection
CMD_SET_CHANNEL_ACTIVE 1 Activate channel for sending / receiving
CMD_GET_DATA_1TO8 2 Request data of sensors 1 to 8
CMD_GET_DATA_9TO16 3 Request data of sensors 9 to 16
CMD_WRITE_PARASET 4 Upload parameter set to board (volatile)
CMD_WRITE_PARASET_TO_EEPROM 5 Write parameter set to board’s EEPROM (non-volatile)
CMD_READ_PARASET 6 Read current parameter set
CMD_GET_ANALOGIN 7 Read values of analog inputs
CMD_SET_DEBUG_PARA 8 For debugging only
CMD_GET_DEBUG_PARA 9 For debugging only
CMD_UNKNOWN 10 For debugging only