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The Neobotix OmniDriveModules have been designed to allow engineers and designers to easily create their own, customised mobile robot platform. Different from other solutions, the kinematics of the ODM enables the mobile robot to move omnidirectionally even on a floor that is not perfectly flat.

These modules are intended for research and experiments and need to be modified and completed by the customer. Several important issues must be considered when working with them:

  • The OmniDriveModule is a partly completed machine and not ready for immediate operation.
  • The drive amplifiers have been configured with general purpose settings. Some of these settings might need to be adjusted according to the individual application in order to achieve the best performance.
  • Being only partly completed machines, the OmniDriveModules are not conform with all EC Directives applicable for turnkey machinery.
  • To achieve the level of safety required by the applicable directives the customer must integrate the ODM into another machine. Additional measures might be necessary to ensure the safe operation of the completed machine.
  • An independent assessment of risks has to be performed by the customer to verify conformity with all applicable directives.
  • Only the customer can be held responsible for the safe operation of the OmniDriveModule.