Integrating the Module into a Platform

Six threaded holes in the bottom side of the OmniDriveModule can be used to mount the module onto a carrier plate.

The OmniDriveModule is not designed to be mounted under a vehicle but into it. The base plate of your vehicle must be in between the wheel carrier assembly and the gearbox housing.

A U-shaped cut-out of 60 mm to 70 mm width is recommended for the vertical axle of the wheel carrier assembly.


Dimensions of the OmniDriveModule


Bottom view of the OmniDriveModule

Mounting Components onto the Module

If all OmniDriveModules are mounted to a common base plate, additional components may be placed on top of the modules. The step above the drive amplifiers can be used for mounting an auxiliary plate. This might be used to carry smaller components, for example electronic devices.

Using a single plate on top of and screwed to all modules will significantly improve the structure of the overall drive system. It will also optimise the distribution of forces thus allowing a high payload.


Top view of the OmniDriveModule