Intended Usage

Fields of Application

The OmniDriveModule is intended to be used as part of the drive system of a mobile robot. It has been designed for use in fields like robotics, autonomous vehicles and intralogistics. Vehicles based on the Neobotix OmniDriveModule may be used in laboratories and similar controlled indoor environments without public access.

Environmental Conditions

The OmniDriveModule must only be used indoors. Outdoor use may significantly reduce the system’s life expectancy and may result in damages to the module.

Due to the unsealed drive amplifiers at the side of the OmniDriveModule it has to be protected against collisions, dirt, metal objects (e.g. screws or washers) and moisture.

Under normal operating conditions the massive aluminium body of the drive module serves as a sufficient heat sink for the amplifiers, the motors and the gears. In case the module is to be covered completely, appropriate ventilation or other means of cooling might become necessary.

The drive module must be kept clean at all times. Exposure to excessive dirt or moisture may lead to damage of the ball bearings or other moving parts. Neobotix cannot be held responsible for damages caused by dirt or moisture.

Improper Usage


  • Using a vehicle based on the OmniDriveModules for any kind of passenger transportation is strictly prohibited. Climbing onto any vehicle that is based on the Neobotix OmniDriveModules is also prohibited.
  • It is prohibited to operate a vehicle based on the OmniDriveModule in public areas without supervision by a qualified trained person.
  • The Neobotix OmniDriveModules must be kept dry at all times. Exposing the modules to rain, mist or splash-water may cause severe damage to the electronic components.


The control software for aligning and moving two or more ODMs must be tested with special care. Using an untested or faulty control software may damage the modules or even the complete vehicle.

Qualified Personnel

This product must only be modified, commissioned, operated and serviced by qualified personnel. More information can be found at Qualified Personnel.

Safety Measures and Precautions

In order to ensure a safe and successful operation of the OmniDriveModule, please mind the following:

  • Always take care to protect the drive amplifiers at the side of the module against collisions and moisture.
  • Always lift the wheels off the ground while working on the control software.
  • Always test any new or changed control software thoroughly with the wheels lifted off the ground. Make sure that the alignment of all wheels is correct at all times and under all conditions.
  • The wire diameter of the power supply to the OmniDriveModules as well as any relays must be chosen according to the maximum expected current.


If three or more modules are used, very high sum currents might occur.