The Neobotix OmniDriveModule does not require excessive maintenance. Please check the following details approximately every month to ensure the best function and a long life expectancy.


The gearbox housing of the OmniDriveModule is completely sealed and will not be affected by dirt. Nevertheless it is recommended to regularly remove dust and dirt in order to optimise heat dissipation, especially if the module is integrated into a closed hull and has only limited convection cooling.

Please keep the PCB and the amplifiers as clean as possible. This will prevent short circuiting and damage to the electronics.

Depending on the environment the module is used in, some amount of hairs and dust will accumulate on the wheel’s axle near the bearing. Please clean this area regularly to avoid damage to the seals of the ball bearing and to minimise friction.

Traction Wheel

The traction wheel is very hard-wearing and not expected to show any signs of damage or wear within the expected lifetime of the module. In case you find any signs of wear, please contact Neobotix.