Key Switch

All Neobotix robots are equipped with a key switch to turn the robot on and off and to reset emergency stops. It can only be operated as long as the key is inserted.

Turning on

To start the robot, turn the key clockwise (towards position II) and then release again.

If the robot has an LC display, it will light up instantly. If the robot has LED lighting, the LEDs will cycle through all available colors once the robot becomes operational and then change to one of the signals described at LED Lighting.

Emergency Reset

After an emergency stop was issued and the emergency buttons have been unlocked again, the safety system can be reset. Turn the key clockwise (towards position II), hold for about one second and then release again.

Depending on the model, the robot will show the status change either through the LC display or through the LEDs.

Shutting down

Turn the key counter-clockwise (towards position I) and hold for a few seconds to initiate the shutdown. If an LC display is present, it will show a message, if LEDs are present, they will signal the shutdown procedure.

During the shutdown process, the platform software (if running) terminates and shuts down the operating system.

In case the on-board computer is shut down remotely via the GUI of the control software, the robot will turn off automatically.

Switching off

To immediately turn off the robot without waiting for the on-board computer to shut down, turn the key switch counter-clockwise (towards position I) and hold it until the LCD or LED light switches off.


With this method, the robot is shut down by cutting the power supply. This may damage the on-board computer’s hard- and software.