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Intended Use

The USBoard-USS5 was designed for use in mobile robots and similar machines like wheeled drones or AGVs. It is meant for obstacle detection and collision avoidance.

The USBoard-USS5 can also be used in stationary machines or equipment to provide distance measurement data.

The USBoard-USS5 was developed to provide exclusively non-safe data and information.

Improper Use

The USBoard-USS5 is explicitely not a safety device and must not be used as such. It must never be used to safeguard dangerous areas or as single system for collision avoidance.

It is not recommended to use the USBoard-USS5 in applications with very high requirements on measurement accuracy, on reliability of the measurements or on data output speed. This for example includes motion control applications like parking.

Qualified Personnel

The USBoard-USS5 must only be installed, connected and brought into service by qualified personnel.