Properties of the Universal Robots Arms

The hardware of the UR robot arm has not been modified. All features and properties of the arm remain unchanged as stated in the manufacturer’s documentation. Please refer to this documentation for further information.

The platform’s emergency stop system was integrated into the arm’s safety system as external machine. Technical details on this connection can be found in the electrical circuit diagram of the MMO-700 UR and in the operating instructions of the robot arm. In case the arm is to be operated separately this connection has to be bridged with the white connector -X32’ that was included in delivery.


The configurable inputs CI0 and CI1 have been changed to “Unassigned”. The configurable outputs CO0 and CO1 have been set to “Emergency stop”. The safety configuration password was set to neobotix. Please contact Neobotix if you have any questions concerning the safety system.

Standalone Operation

The mobile platform can be operated without switching on the arm or completely without arm. To do so please plug in the bridging connector -X32 instead of the cable to the UR arm controller. This connector can be found at the cables from platform to cabinet at the right side of the platform’s top plate.

The robot arm can be operated independently of the mobile platform if the corresponding bridging connector -X32 is connected to the cable leading to the controller box.

When operating the arm without the platform it is recommended to power it from an ordinary 230V power outlet and not from the mobile robot’s integrated DC/AC inverter.

Please check the robot arm’s operating instructions for details on the power requirements.