Product Information

Intended Use

The MMO-700 has been designed for use in service robotics research. It can be used for a wide range of different experiments and tests in fields such as autonomous vehicles, mobile manipulation and factory automation.

The MMO-700 may only be used in laboratories, test halls or similar environments. It is not recommended to use the MMO-700 in any other surrounding, especially not outdoors, in offices or factories.

Improper Use


  • The mobile robot must not be used for transportation of passengers in any way. No person must ride on the robot itself, nor must the robot be used to move any other vehicle or hanger with passengers aboard.
  • The mobile robot must not be operated in any publicly accessible area without safety assessment. If the robot is to be modified either permanently (e.g. by mounting additional components) or temporarily (e.g. by loading cargo) its safe operation must be assessed and approved.
  • Without the safety approval described above, the mobile robot must at no times be used without supervision of a qualified operator if there are guests, passers-by or other people unfamiliar with the robot within the working area.
  • The robot must never be operated in areas where there are staircases leading down, elevated platforms or other possibilities for falling or dropping down. This may cause serious injuries or death!

Working Area

The same conditions as for the MPO-700 apply and can be found at Product Information .

Qualified Personnel

This product must only be modified, commissioned, operated and serviced by qualified personnel.

The requirements on qualified personnel can be found at Qualified Personnel.

Safety Instructions

Please refer to the safety instructions for the MPO-700 which can be found at Safety Instructions.

Additionally, refer to Safety Instructions (Manipulators).