Information on hardware maintenance, cleaning and general precautions when working on the mobile robot can be found in Maintenance.

The robot’s hardware is almost maintenance-free and the platform is not intended to be opened unless when used for research. Please contact Neobotix before disassembling the robot!


Apart from research or maintenance it will not be necessary to connect mouse or keyboard because the robot can be controlled via wireless LAN and the graphical user interface. Even most software updates can be performed by remote access.

In order to access the platform’s on-board computer directly, an HDMI, a USB and an Ethernet socket are available at the rear side of the platform.

Please refer to chapter Operating Elements for further information.


To achieve a long life of the platform and guarantee a satisfying operation, the platform should be checked and cleaned regularly. General information on how to clean the robot and its sensors can be found in Maintenance.


The robot is only splash-water proof if the charging socket is sealed by its cap, the maintenance sockets are covered and all cables are connected properly. Do not wet the robot while one of these components is not assembled correctly!


The big drive wheels are foam filled and completely maintenance free. They do not need to be refilled with air at any time.

Under normal operation conditions the tires will last for the whole life of the platform itself. In case of a significant damage they can easily be replaced.

The platform’s main wheels are fixed to the axles by high performance clamping sets with one central hexagon head. In normal operation, these clamping sets are also maintenance free and not affected by water or dirt.

Under some circumstances (e.g. strong vibrations or significant changes in temperature) the clamping sets might nevertheless get loose after some time and thus should be checked regularly and once after the robot has been shipped.

Simply use a open-jawed spanner to carefully fasten any loose screws.


General information on the available battery type, as well as on battery maintenance and recycling, can be found at Batteries.

In case you want to replace the batteries yourself please follow these steps:

  1. Switch off the robot.
  2. Switch off and disconnect the battery charger.
  3. Remove all additional modules from the robot’s top plate.
  4. Unscrew the top plate (6 screws by default).
  5. Slightly lift the rear of the top plate.
  6. Disconnect all cables (depends on customised modules).
  7. Remove the top plate.
  8. Disconnect both of the battery connectors.
  9. Carefully lift the batteries out of the platform.
  10. Insert the new batteries by lowering them very carefully and straight vertically without damaging any cables inside the robot.
  11. Connect the batteries to the robot.
  12. Lower the top plate onto the robot and connect all cables.
  13. Arrange the foam rubber sealing properly to achieve best splash water protection.
  14. Fasten the top plate to the platform and mount all the modules removed before.

If you encounter any problems, please contact Neobotix immediately.


The mobile robot features the following fuses:

ID Circuit Location Type Current Rating Characteristics
F1 24 V Terminals RelayBoard Micro 5x20 5 A slow
F2 Motor Power RelayBoard Micro 5x20 10 A slow
F3 Emergency Stop Buttons RelayBoard Micro 5x20 2 A fast
F4 Brake Release Button RelayBoard Micro 5x20 2 A slow