The USBoard-USS5 comes with a graphical user interface (GUI). This program can be used to configure the USBoard-USS5 for the application it will be used in. It also displays the current sensor readings and helps in setting up the system.

The USBoard-USS5-GUI requires a PC with a Microsoft Windows® or Ubuntu LTS operating system and a free USB port. For industrial applications the USB connection can be replaced with a RS-232 interface. In this case the computer will need an RS-232 interface (COM port) as well or a USB-Serial-Converter.

In Windows, the GUI comes with an installer. Just execute it with a double click and follow the instructions. The process should create a shortcut on your desktop that you can double click to start the GUI.

The Linux version comes with Debian packages for the latest Ubuntu LTS versions. Install the appropriate package with:

sudo dpkg -i the_right_package.deb

where you replace the_right_package with the one that fits your operating system. To run the GUI after the installation, please use the following command: