neo_ur_moveit_config is a ROS 2 package that provides a MoveIt2 configuration for the MMO (MPO with arms) robots from Neobotix. It includes a MoveIt2 configuration package and a launch file to start the MoveIt2 configuration.

As of February 2024, this package includes all the necessary configuration for the robot with MPO-700 and UR10 / UR5e combinations.

Coming soon.. The following packages are currently in the planning stage:

  • mpo_700 + Elite arms
  • mpo_500 + UR arms
  • mpo_500 + Elite arms

The package can be found here:


This package was heavily adapted from the ur_moveit_config.

The major difference from the original package is the addition of the Neobotix MMO robot description and the necessary configuration for the UR arm with MPO-700 providing the necessary cushion for collision avoidance of the arm with the mobile platform.



To start the MoveIt2 configuration, run the following command:

ros2 launch neo_ur_moveit_config ur_type:=urX prefix:=urX

Please replace urX with the actual UR arm name. For example, if the platform is mounted with UR5 arm, replace urX with ur5.

The launch file will start the MoveIt2 configuration and the RViz visualization tool. The RViz window will show the robot model and the MoveIt2 plugin for motion planning.

Please refer to MoveIt2 documentation for more detailed information about planning and execution of motion for the robot arms.