All the ROX robots are pre-configured with the amazing Nav2 stack. The information about the planners and controllers that could be used on the platform is Nav2 - ROS 2 Navigation Stack


This package in particular holds the configs, launch and the necessary map files for the autonomous navigation of the ROX robots.


As of 27th October, only the configs and launch for the special edition of ROX Argo can be found. However, the structure of this package will be changed, in order to adapt the other ROX generation types.


The config folder contains the behaviors trees and the configs for the mapping and the navigation. The navigation.yaml holds all the necessary configs for the robot to navigate autonomously. The parameters in this particular file is something that a user would be interested in tuning for adapting the robot to a particular application.

Please read the page Nav2 - ROS 2 Navigation Stack for more information regarding the configuration.


The launch folder holds the necessary launch files the mapping and navigation.

The start the localization node and as well as the activates all the necessary planners, controllers and behavior tree lifecycle nodes for navigation.

The launch arguments for the navigation launch are as follows:

Arguments Defaults Description
use_amcl False (Format: Bool) Enabled if user wants to use amcl for localization
autostart True (Format: Bool) Disabled if user wants to trigger the lifecycle nodes
param_file_name “navigation.yaml” (Format: String) Path to the Nav2 param file for each robots
map “test.yaml” (Format: String) Path to the map file that robot uses for navigation